Poker is a card game that involves betting money. After five betting rounds, a player may choose to remain in the pot or fold. The player with the best hand wins the pot. If more than one player remains, a showdown will take place where the players reveal their hands. During this final betting round, the winner is determined by the best hand.

A player must ante up in order to start the betting round. An ante is usually the minimum bet. This bet is equal to the number of chips in the pot. Each player may raise by up to 14 chips. Then, during the final betting round, a “showdown” takes place. In this case, the best poker hand wins the pot.

After the initial betting round, players may raise their bets to a larger amount. Depending on the game rules, the player may also fold his or her hand. Bets are placed in the pot in clockwise order. After a round of betting, players may show their hands and see who has the highest hand.

A winning hand in poker is a five-card combination of cards in the same suit. A hand of four of a kind is considered to be a strong hand, as is a five-card straight.